Wells Lucas Santo



  • Jul 2016. "Pokemon Go Was Merely the Proof of Concept for Augmented Reality" on Medium.
    • Personal Publication
  • Jun 2016. "Developing Tech That Goes Beyond The Tech Industry" on Medium.
    • Personal Publication
  • Dec 2015. "Is Computer Science Truly A Science?" at NYU-Poly.
    • NYU TCS Department Writing Award
  • May 2015. "Neurodeterministic Until Proven Innocent" at NYU-Poly.
    • NYU TCS Department Writing Nomination
  • Mar 2015. "The Spectacle of Science: Mis-information or Hypo-information" at NYU-Poly.
    • NYU TCS Department Writing Nomination
  • Dec 2013. "A Re-Evaluation of Schrodinger's Cat Paradox" at NYU-Poly.
    • NYU TCS Department Writing Award
  • Dec 2012. "Flux (Φ)" published in Mercer Street 2013-2014.
    • Editor's Choice Publication


  • Feb 2016. "The Brain: Artificial And Natural" at the United Nations Youth Assembly.
    • Invited Panelist
  • Aug 2014. "19th Century Conceptions of the Electromagnetic Aether" at NYU-Poly.
    • Summer Research Program Presentation


Unfortunately, the bulk of my coding is proprietary work tied to the companies that I've been with. However, below are some projects that I've worked on (primarily from college) that can be found on my GitHub:

  • Chirper [C++/Python]
    • Distributed web server running Flask connected to a multi-threaded and replicated data server with socket programming.
  • PyMIDISynth [Python]
    • MIDI synthesizer using PyAudio and PyGame to generate audio mathematically using first-order LTI systems based on an Alesis Q49 MIDI controller.
  • Hearts AI [Java]
    • A framework for playing the Hearts card game with AI agents.
  • STM32F4Serial-to-Audio [C/ARM]
    • Simple audio output project using the STM32F4 Discovery Board DAC with serial port input.