Wells Lucas Santo

Curriculum Vitae

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New York University Tandon School of Engineering, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2016 M.S. Computer Science; B.S. Computer Engineering; Minor. Science and Society
  • Class Salutatorian and summa cum laude

Areas of Specialization: Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, History and Philosphy of Science
Areas of Competence: Signal Processing, Data Structures and Algorithms, Bioinstrumentation

Yale University Hertog Program in American Political Philosophy, New Haven, CT
  • 2011 Summer Honors Scholar


2017 - Curr:  Education Manager, AI4ALL, Oakland
2016 - 2017: Full-Stack Engineer and Designer, Cogitai, Brooklyn
2013 - 2016: Graduate Teaching Assistant, NYU Tandon School of Engineering, Brooklyn
2015 - 2015: Front-End UI/UX Web Developer, Percolate, NYC
2014 - 2015: Front-End Web Developer, BT Trading Group, NYC
2013 - 2015: Instructor and Educational Coach, Five Points Learning, Brooklyn


2013. "Flux (Φ)", Mercer Street 2013 - 2014. New York University.

Speaking Engagements

2017, New Context Conference, San Francisco, CA
2016, NYC CS Fair, New York, NY
2016, United Nations Youth Assembly, New York, NY

Research Experience

Sep 2015 - May 2016: Master's Thesis
  • Hyperheuristics for Artificial General Intelligence and a General Tree Search Algorithm
  • Advisor: Julian Togelius
Jun 2015 - Aug 2015: Summer Research
  • Emergence in the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect (FQHE)
  • Advisor: Jonathan Bain
Jun 2014 - Aug 2014: Summer Research
  • Philosophy of Maxwell's Electromagnetic Aether
  • Advisor: Jonathan Bain
Jun 2013 - Aug 2013: Summer Research
  • Citizen Science and Human-Computer Interaction
  • Advisor: Oded Nov

Honors and Awards

  • 2016: Margaret Goldstone Award, New York University
  • 2016: Outstanding Student Assistant Award, New York University
  • 2016: Technology, Culture, and Society Writing Award, New York University
  • 2015: Outstanding Student Assistant Award, New York University
  • 2015: Presidential Award, New York University
  • 2014: Technology, Culture, and Society Writing Award, New York University
  • 2013: Mercer Street Editor's Choice Award, New York University
  • 2012: Eagle Scout Award, Boy Scouts of America